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BILL COOK recalls insights from meetings with Charles Dotter at the 1963 RSNA meeting at the Palmer House in Chicago: "We discussed wire guide and catheter manufacture and what he thought the future would be for angiography. He became excited when he talked of his work, and yes, we discussed angioplasty. He hauled out the picture of his famous plumber's wrenches that we've all looked at so many times. Once started, his mind went nonstop."

Bill Cook relates that, in 1963, Charles Dotter's laboratory "was the state of the art, the finest in the United States. When I arrived, I saw how his technicians made their own wire guides. Also, they were producing their own Teflon® catheters using a recently purchased blowtorch and our Teflon® tubing. Charles, by the way, was making the catheters."

The versatile Safe-T-J® Wire Guides and the "telescopic" Dotter Dilatation Set were among the first technological innovations resulting from the enduring friendship of these two men.


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