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Sabin is a custom plastic processor, manufacturing preformed plastic tubing and injection and insert molded parts to supply the needs of Cook Group companies. Materials from Sabin are used in most medical products produced by Cook Group companies. Sabin also produces materials for the electronic appliance industry.

In order to meet the design demands of such a broad range of medical applications, Sabin relies on many different manufacturing technologies to ensure that its tubing and other materials perform as expected in each device. Sabin's production capabilities include custom compounding, extrusion, braiding, injection molding, insert molding, stamping and thermoforming of all types of plastics.

As Cook Group companies develop new product designs, Sabin also strives to maintain its innovative edge by developing or acquiring new plastics technologies required to support those designs and any other manufacturing or production needs. The company occupies a facility considered to be one of the state-of-the-art plastic processing plants in the industry.

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