Newsroom April 1, 2019

Cook Group and WGU expand partnership to offer access to higher education at no cost to employees

Bloomington, Ind. – Cook Group announced today an expanded partnership with Western Governors University (WGU) to provide Cook employees with the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree with no out-of-pocket cost to employees. This new opportunity is part of the education component of My Cook Pathway, Cook’s award-winning workforce development program that includes educational opportunities such as the High School Equivalency work-study program, Achieve Your Degree at Ivy Tech Community College, and tuition assistance for those working towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

“One of the goals of My Cook Pathway is to make it possible for someone to come to Cook without a high school diploma and get all the way through a master’s degree at no cost to them,” said Nicky James, vice president of Human Resources and Talent Development. “We’re proud to announce that our growing partnership with WGU now makes this possible.”

Beginning June 1, any Cook Group employee graduating with an associate’s degree from Ivy Tech Community College can attend WGU to earn a bachelor’s degree for free if they begin within six months of graduating from Ivy Tech. Employees who graduate with a bachelor’s degree from WGU can continue their education and earn a master’s degree from WGU at no cost if they begin within 12 months of graduating.

Prior to the My Cook Pathway program, employees received $5,250 yearly tuition assistance from Cook and were responsible for about $1,200 out-of-pocket to earn a bachelor’s degree and about $2,200 out of pocket for a master’s degree. With the expanded partnership with WGU, current Cook employees will be able to apply for the Healthcare Partner Scholarship through Cook to cover the tuition difference at WGU for either a bachelor’s or master’s degree program, regardless of their previous schooling.

“We believe that every employee should have access to the educational opportunities needed to take the next step in their career with Cook,” said James. “We want to create opportunities for growth and development that better the lives of our employees and their families. My Cook Pathway is about removing barriers that could keep our employees from reaching their education goals.”

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