Newsroom March 27, 2019

Cook® Regentec Launches ProFusion™ Therapeutic Infusion Needle for Intramuscular or Subdermal Infusion of Therapeutic Agents

Indianapolis, Ind. – Cook Regentec announced today the launch of the ProFusion™ Therapeutic Infusion Needle used for intramuscular or subdermal infusion of therapeutic agents. The device is now available in the United States and Canada.

The ProFusion Therapeutic Infusion Needle has multiple sideports arranged in a spiral to help uniformly deliver and disperse therapeutic agents, and a trocar tip to help with precise placement. The needle is also highly visible under ultrasound, which helps physicians with targeted agent delivery.

The ProFusion Therapeutic Infusion Needle is the latest Cook Regentec tool for delivering therapeutic agents to patients. The Cook Regentec suite of products also includes the Compass® CT Disposable Pressure Transducer, which provides physicians more procedural control by monitoring physiological pressure and displaying pressure during the infusion of therapeutic agents.

“Cook Regentec is committed to innovating tools that better assist clinicians in delivering therapeutics precisely, accurately and consistently,” said Brad Shirley, business leader, Cook Regentec. “We’re pleased to add the ProFusion Therapeutic Infusion Needle to our product line and provide another tool for physicians to improve patient care.”

About Cook Regentec
Cook Regentec is an Indianapolis, Indiana-based company that develops research and clinical tools to advance regenerative medicine therapies from the lab to the patient. Its portfolio of innovations includes enabling technologies and tools for cell-based therapies and cGMP bioprocessing. From concept to commercialization, Cook Regentec’s product lines cover expansion, packaging, storing, thawing, delivering, and processing.